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Gold Prospecting Tours

Gold prospecting tours are an excellent way to start prospecting for gold especially for the new gold prospector as you can enjoy prospecting for gold while benefiting from the experience of others.

Many gold prospecting clubs and associations run gold prospecting tours for their members. These are usually for a few days and cost a few dollars. Some provide the equipment, either on loan or for a 'rental fee' There are variations in transport and living arrangements also depending on the clubs and what arrangements they make.

One can participate in a gold prospecting tour to pan for gold or to use a gold metal detector or even both. It will depend on the type of tour you go on.

Some gold prospecting tours are arrangement for a few days or weeks. One goes "bush", in Australian parlance. Out to a particular gold field which the club or association has a licence or agreement for and where gold prospecting may be done. Costs vary depending on what is offered and for how long.

Gold Prospecting Tours
Here are a few examples of gold prospecting tours available. There are many more in almost all States of the US, as well as overseas. Australia also has a very extensive range of gold prospecting tours.

The Phoenix Gold Mine in Idaho Springs offer a Mine Tour, Gold Panning and Hiking Trails.
Cost for adults is 15 dollars, children 5 dollars and seniors 8 dollars. Panning only is just 5 dollars. They are very friendly folks, a great mining tour for family. There is no camping but they will loan you a pan and show you how to use it.

Over at Vic's Gold Panning near Blackhawk, 'Jessie' will charged you 8 dollars for a full bucket you can pan out in a trough. He gets to keep what you miss and there is no camping. A good panner might be able to work through 4 or 5 buckets in a day thus $32 - $40 per day. So you will need to have a bit of experience to make it worth your while.

The Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge charges a bit more with adults 18.95 dollars, children 12.95 and children under three 3 dollars. Adults $18.95, Children $12.95 (4-12), Children 3 and under are free. Gold Panning is just $9.95 and includes a pan of dirt and lessons on how to find your Gold. The Country Boy Mine is open from 10 to 4 End of may to August and mornings only Mid August to Mid October.

The Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) is one of the largest gold prospecting clubs around. They charge around 2350 dollars plus your 50 dollar yearly membership to fly from Seattle to their 2300 acre Cripple River Camp in Nome, Alaska.

The Lost Dutchman Mining Association (LDMA) charges around 35 dollars a day or 175 for 5 days in your tent or RV on the mine claims. There is some improved camping available also but one is advised to book in advance. The LDMA charges 950 dollars for a lifetime membership plus monthly maintenance dues of 8 dollars for an individual and 10 dollars for a family. Among the many benefits for this is that serious gold prospecting members can camp for up to 6 months.

Wild West Mining Tours in California have a all inclusive 6 night package including food, tents, showers etc. There is an extra charge for dredgers and other equipment so it is a good idea to take your own. One should book in advance as the reservations accepted are limited. The season is from June through to August and sometimes September.

The Arrowhead Desert Jeep Tours offer a four wheel drive tour into the surrounding Sonoran Desert. They Specialize in gold panning tours to the Panamint Gold Claim. Also offer jeep rallies, cookouts, rafting, team building and much more.

Arizona Adventure Tours offer similar 4 wheel drive Sonoran desert tours! Including gold panning, among the other activities offered.

These are just a sample of what is available. In Australia there are many gold prospecting tours to the gold fields that can last from one day or half a day to the more serious week or more out in the "bush" panning and mining for gold.

Tips When Seeking a Gold Prospecting Tour
Make sure you get all the information from the tour operator.

  • What is included in the tour? Equipment? What equipment, pans, digging equipment, metal detectors, what type and sort. Any training offered on how to use that equipment for the inexperienced?

  • If going for over a day, what else is included. Accommodation? Food? Drinks (water is very important, especially when working on the hot sun).

  • Travel. If the tour is for over a day, is transport provided or does one have to provide one’s own?

  • Costs. What are the costs breakdown? Is there any hidden costs, licence fees or other extra fees taxes etc. One does not want to be hit with an “additional” cost when you arrive which you have not made any allowance for.

  • Do you need to bring anything with you? Ask the Tour operator or guides before you start out. They will know what you need to bring. It can depend on where you are prospecting and how long you will be doing so.

  • Last Word on Gold Prospecting Tours
    When working out in the open, such as gold fossicking, it is a good idea to bring such things as a hat to protect one’s head and face. Plenty of fresh water, anti-insect bite spray, warm clothing if it gets cold or you are caught out in the rain and a good quality paid of hard wearing boots.

    Gold prospecting tours are an excellent way of gaining experience gold prospecting. Usually there are other on the tour who have done it before and can offer useful tips and pointers. Do not be afraid to ask many questions of the tour operators and guides. That is what they are there for. Keeping in mind the above will help you to have a fun time on your gold prospecting tour and maybe find a nice choice gold nugget to take home and show your family and friends!

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